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The Oral Rounds of the, ‘Legal Spectra, 2020 - MOOT COURT COMPETITION’, shall be held as per the schedule to be fixed by the Organizing Committee. Unless a contrary intention appears from the context, the following words and expression are used in the following sense – 
·         MCC means the Legal Spectra, 2020 – “Moot Court Competition”.
·         MCS means the Moot Court Society, SNIL.
·         Organizers/ Administrators/ Authority means ‘Members of Organizing Committee of Legal Spectra, 2020.
·         Team means, Team registered for MCC composed of members from the participating Teams from the respective Law School/ College/ University in Legal Spectra, 2020.
·         The language of the Competition shall be English.
·         Undergraduate students pursuing three or five - year courses of LL.B. degree from any Law School/ College/ University recognized by the Bar Council of India are eligible to participate.
·         Only one Team from a particular Law School/ College/ Institution/ University can register to participate in the MCC.
·         Each Team may comprise either of two (2) speakers only or of two (2) speakers and one (1) researcher. No change in Team composition under any circumstances whatsoever shall be permitted, once it is communicated to the Organizers.
·         There shall be one Moot Proposition. Submission of memorials on/ before the stipulated time is mandatory for all Teams participating in the MCC.
·         The event will be conducted in three rounds -
ü  The preliminary round,
ü  The semi-final round
ü  The final (championship) round.
·         However, the organizing committee depending upon the exigencies may increase or reduce the number of rounds in such a case.
·         The Memorial shall not exceed 30 typed pages (including the Cover Page) and shall necessarily consist of the following sections:
a)    Cover Page
b)    Table of Contents
c)    List of Abbreviations
d)    Index of Authorities
e)    Statement of Jurisdiction
f)     Statement of Facts
g)    Statement of Issues
h)   Summary of Arguments
i)     Arguments Advanced
j)      Prayer
·         The cover page of each Memorial shall conform to the following specification:
a)    Team Code should be on the top right hand corner of the cover page.
b)    Name and place of the forum.
c)    Relevant legal provision.
d)    Name of Parties and their Status (Petitioner-Appellant/ Opposite Party- Respondent)
e)    Memorial filed on behalf of (Petitioner-Appellant/ Opposite Party- Respondent)
f)     Counsel appearing on behalf of (Petitioner-Appellant/ Opposite Party- Respondent)
·         The hard copies of the Memorials must bear a cover page in conformity with the following scheme:
ü  Petitioner(s)/ Appellant(s):
ü  Blue Opposite Party(s)/ Respondent(s): Red
·         A Team Code shall be assigned to each of the participating Teams on or before 28th February, 2020.
·         Identity of the participants and the Institution being represented should not to be mentioned anywhere in the Memorial.
·         Any other mark, character or text that tends to reveal the identity of the participating Team members or the Institution would be considered as a violation of this Rule.
·         Any violation of above mentioned Rules will be strictly dealt with a measures as deem fit by Organizing Committee, be taken which may amount to the disqualification of the Moot Team from the Competition.
·         Memorials should be in soft cover, typed and spirally bound. Typing of Memorial should be as per specifications given below:    

Paper Size
Font Size
Font Type
Times New Roman
Line Spacing
1 Inch on each side
·         Specification for footnotes are as follows:
Font Size
Font Type
Times New Roman
Line Spacing

·         Three - copies (pdf‟ format) of each Memorial must reach the Organizing Committee vide email to [snilevent@soa.ac.in] latest by 11:59 hours (IST) of 29th February, 2020.
·         The subject of the e-mail must in all case be: “LEGAL SPECTRA 2020: SUBMISSION OF MEMORIAL, TEAM CODE:_____”.
·         Six (6) hard copies of the Memorial for each side [Petitioner(s)/ Respondent(s)] must be submitted to the members of MCS upon arrival of the Team for Registration at the Law School Meet on 04th March, 2020.
·         No Team will be permitted to submit the hard copies of the Memorial after the specified date. Team failing to submit the E-Copies of memorials before 29th February, 2020 shall not be permitted to submit the hard copies of the memorial thereafter.
·         The Standard Indian Legal Citation Style of footnoting must be followed strictly as far as practicable.
·         In every case, footnoting must be uniform throughout the Memorial.
*      Word limit for various parts of the Memorial shall be as follows:
*      Statement of Facts: 1,000 words
*      Summary of Arguments: 1,200 words
·         Written Submissions and Prayer: 8,000 words (inclusive of foot notes)
·         The Index of Authorities must contain a list of all legal authorities cited in all sections of the Memorial. The Index must contain the page number(s) of the Memorial where the authorities are cited.
·         No amendments can be made to the Memorials after its submission. Any distinction or difference between the soft and hard copies of the Memorials would attract a penalty, as determined by the Organizing Committee, MCS.
·         Memorials shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

Language & Grammatical Accuracy
 15 Marks
Application of Fact
 15 Marks
 25 Marks
Understanding of Law & Procedure
 25 Marks
Presentation (including compliance of the requisite format , arrangement and citation mode)
 20 Marks

 100 Marks

·         Each Team would be given 30 minutes to present their oral arguments, subject to a maximum of 20 minutes per speaker in the Preliminary Round. For the Semi Final & Final Rounds, each Team would get 40 minutes each, subject to a maximum of 25 minutes per speaker.
·         This will include the pleading and any rebuttal time, if applicable. Provided, Judges at their discretion may extend time of oral argument for any of the round of MCC.
·         Rebuttal would be allowed only to the Petitioner/ Appellant. The Petitioner/ Appellant will have to specify the length of time they want to reserve for rebuttal, before beginning their oral arguments.
·         The Semi Final Rounds of the MCC shall be conducted on a knock out basis.
·         The Memorial Scores of the Teams shall be taken into consideration only for the Preliminary Rounds. Thereafter, the Memorial Scores of the Moot Proposition will be used only if there is a Tie of scores between two Teams, in which case the Team having higher Memorial Scores shall qualify for the next round.
·         No member of any Team will be permitted to hear the arguments in any Court Rooms where that Team is one of the contesting Teams and while that Team is still continuing in the competition. However, the Final Round will be held in Open Courtroom.
·         No member of any Team shall interact with any person except, fellow participants and the Organizers during MCC.
·         Any Team found in the violation of the above-mentioned Rule shall be disqualified forthwith.
·         Team found attempting to approach and influence Judges, Administrators or Organizers shall be disqualified.  
·         The results for the Preliminary and the Semi-Final Round shall be announced shortly after each round. The Organizing Committee shall have the discretion to make changes in the criteria and the manner in which the Teams get qualified and the said changes will be notified in due course of time.
·         The result of the Championship/ Final Round will be announced at the Valedictory Ceremony.
·         All participants are expected to maintain the decorum in the Court during the competition and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the Legal Profession.
·         The organizers reserve the right to take appropriate action for any unethical, unprofessional and immoral conduct.
·         The Dress code for the participants shall be Advocate’s Attire, without Band.
·         The Researcher is not allowed to argue in the Court Room. However, he/she can pass on the hand written notes to the Speakers.
·         The Rules specified herein above shall be strictly adhered to.
·         The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify Teams for deviating from the Rules.
·         The Committee will resolve any contingencies that may arise during the conduct of the MCC and will be the final Arbiters regarding any doubts / grievances.
·         The decision taken by the Committee shall be final and binding. These Rules are not exhaustive.



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